Do you need a way to include mathematical formulae in your documents? If your answers is yes, this tool is for you.

This software is built upon the work of French mathematics teacher, Pascal Brachet. Originally, intended for publishing mathematical documents online (e.g. wiki, blog, forum), this tool could be as useful in offline documents (e.g. presentations, test papers) as long as super high-resolution (i.e. in book printing) is not required.

How To Use:

Quick Guide:

1.) Pick an example in the examples combo box.
2.) Click the Write Formula button.

Write your own formula:

1.) Start by typing the tags <m>...</m>. "<m>" toggles to formula mode, "</m>" toggles back to normal HTML mode.
2.) Replacing the "...", type your formula using the syntax listed here.
3.) Click the Write Formula button.
4.) Right click on the generated formula. Your browser will give you options to copy, save or open the image in new window.


*The formulae produced are in a transparent png images. If your document's background is not white and you want to preserve the transparency, please choose to save the images then use the insert image command of your word processor or presentation program. Copying and pasting makes the background solid white.

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